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Girls are more likely than boys to be rejected by their peers for engaging in outward (overt and direct) aggression and violence. 43 however, gang membership can appeal to girls when they are seeking to escape economically disadvantaged homes, improve their self-esteem, increase their feelings of belonging, or seek revenge and protection. If they lash out at you, or someone or something else, put safety first. Let your teenager know that violence is unacceptable and you will walk away from them until theyve calmed down. If leaving the room or house is not helping, call the police. One possible outcome of a troubled teen heading the wrong direction manifests itself through increased physical aggression toward parents siblings, and fights at school. It is rare but a definite red flag when a teen takes his aggression out on a teacher, or another student at school. A study by parentline plus, a parenting charity, found that 60 of calls to the charitys helpline between october 2007 and june 2008 were about verbal aggression from a teenager. Nearly one third, 30, of calls were about physical aggression. Teens differ from adults in their ability to read and understand emotions in peoples faces. Adults use the prefrontal cortex or thinking part of the brain to read emotional cues, but teenagers rely on the section called the amygdala or emotion center. The amygdala processes emotional reactions such as fight or flight causing.   some adolescents have low self-esteem and they try to cover this up through aggression. 6 solutions to teenage aggression thankfully, as a parent or caregiver, you have several options to manage and control adolescence aggression.   the reality is that behavioral issues, such as anger and aggression, often develop as a result of many complex factors and do not mean that a parent or child is bad. If we think back to our teenage years, many of us will remember getting angry with our parents or even shouting at them from time to time. Relationship manipulation tends to be subtle, with the tween doing things behind a friends back that threaten the integrity of the friendship. For instance, a tween might tell a friends secrets in order to gain new friends and to undercut the existing friendship. Teen anger & aggression -- neurotransmitter deficiency by billie j. What makes some teenagers display angry and aggressive behavior, while others are calm and in control? A growing number of scientists are looking at the same area of the brain that is involved in a.

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